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What I’m Teaching My Children About 9/11

What I'm Teaching My Children About 9/11 :: Vintage Kids | Modern World


I’m sure that today, as I surf the internet and facebook, that the blogosphere (and hopefully a few news outlets) will be riddled with posts on patriotism, honor, and remembering the sacrifice of the fallen, as well it should be.Read the rest

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The 9 Pound Reason I’ve Been Absent…

Last night, in the true fashion of all sleep-deprived mamas,  I ran to the store in my yoga pants. moccasins and a sweatshirt and, after pulling into the parking lot, I realized that I smelled like sour milk and I had spit up down the front of me.… Read the rest

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How To Purge Toys Without Mutiny

How To Purge Toys Without Mutiny :: Vintage Kids | Modern World

There is something about the size and shape of a lego on the floor in the dark that makes every parent tremble at the thought.

Our house is no exception.  We live in a 1904, boxy little cottage – or so it seems with three kids.  … Read the rest

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