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Thoughtful Gift Ideas :: Experiences, Memories and Heirlooms

Thoughtful Gift Ideas: Experiences, Memories and Heirlooms :: Vintage Kids | Modern World Blog

Pinterest has always been my downfall…I’m not gonna lie.  If you don’t have a pinterest account, then good for you!!  However, I personally believe it to be one of the most wonderfully fantastic, helpful, fun and  life-sucking inventions of the last few years!… Read the rest

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Quinoa: Ancient Superfood + 15 Quinoa Recipes

Quinoa: Ancient Superfood - 15 quinoa recipes :: Vintage Kids modern World


We’re delving into the world of gluten free around my house lately, in hopes to solves some intestinal issues with our little girl.  Truth be told, I think our entire family has, at the very least, some wheat sensitivities.  … Read the rest

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6 Weeks of Real Food Lunch Ideas

After being a mom for over 8 years now, you’d think I would have fallen into a pattern or a routine…that I would accept the inevitable in graceful stride.

But, no.

My people want to eat (at least) three times as day, and it seems that I’m the one in charge of making that happen.

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