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Weekly Meal Plan + Summer Meal Planning


Our new family meal plan was supposed to debut today. Oh, it’s been on my ever-growing to-do list and obviously keeps being pushed farther and farther down. With the advent of summer (I mean spring! Are you experiencing the same unseasonably warm weather that we are here in northern Indiana?) my hours are now heavily spent in my flower beds and garden.… Read the rest

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Nutritious (FILLING) Snacks for the Hungry Ones in Your Life

Our Super Bowl snacks while living in Ecuador.

Ask anyone who knows me well and they will tell you that I like to eat. I.LOVE.TO.EAT! (Have I said this in other posts?) This urge only increases when I’m expecting and so I’m always hungry and constantly walking to the kitchen in search of something to eat.… Read the rest

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My Blundering of a Meal Plan

Meal planning…


Working in the kitchen…

Some day I will have a nice binder with weekly meal plans all laid out

These items are not on my list of favorites. I would rather clean toilets, do laundry, and clean up after my dog outside than do these three things.… Read the rest

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